Experts say that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one because you push the dull knife through the food. While exerting the extra force, it is possible to slip and cut yourself. This fact is not only associated with knives, but also holds true for graters as well.

MOBI boxed and flat graters employ a photo-etching process that makes each cutting tooth ten times sharper than traditional stamped teeth. That along with a unique “arch” pattern, the food is funneled toward the middle creating an even safer user experience.

4 sided box grater - fine, coarse, ultra-coarse and 3mm slicer


  • Blades are made from surgical stainless steel
  • Dual graters offer two graters for the price of one
  • Non-slip, ergonomic and ambidextrous handles
  • Weighted handles for perfect balance
  • Extra wide grating surface (flat model) to accommodate larger foods
  • Protective cover